File Upload

How to upload your image

  1. Log in to your Art For Art's Sake account, or register if you haven't got one
  2. Click on the 'Choose File' button below. Only JPG, GIF or PNG format files can be uploaded.
  3. Find the image on your machine and double click it. The name of your file will appear next to the 'Choose File' button.
  4. Click on the "Send The File!" button.
We will get in contact with you to make arrangements for printing it.

Turn Your Photos Into A Canvas Print

Create your own art by having your digital images printed onto canvas. We have now made it even easier!! Upload the image to us and we will evaluate the image to see if it will work on canvas for you.

Photographic Restoration and Manipulation

Upload your file and we will restore, renew or repair it to its former glory. Once recieved we will asses the size and dmage and give you a quote to do the work and print out a new Photographic copy. Your original dosent have to keave your side and you get a repaired new copy which we can frame for you aswell.

We can merge photos together to create a montage or remove a person/object. Theres not much we cant do just send it in and we will be in touch. Please send at the highest resolution possible. If the file is larger than xx you can dropbox it to us just invite to your folder.

Photographic and Art Prints

If you are happy with your files and just want them printed we have a range of great papers available. These include

Photographic matte paper

Photographic Gloss Paper

Photo Rag Paper

Watercolour Paper

German Etch Paper

See Below for an estimate of printing to these sizes. A personalised quote will be sent to you on uploading of your file.